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    Information System Security Directorate (ISSD) was established in 2009 in the framework of IT Department . The Cyber Security is one of the most important elements of a comprehensive strategy for securing a nation .The establishment of Information System Security Directorate will ensure information systems security : a body which will actively work out and coordinate security strategies and measures for critical information infrastructures in the country in order to make sure that the confidentiality , integrity and availability of information system within the government all in place.


    To establish and achieve a Safe - Secure and Resilient cyber space for the government,businesses and citizens of Afghanistan.


To protect and assure data, information and IT infrastructure security in Afghanistan’s cyberspace, enhance capacities to prevent and response to cyber threats, protect the children and youth of Afghanistan in cyberspace, mitigate the risk of vulnerability, damage from cyber threats and incidents through a variety of standardized institutional structures, policies, procedures, people, technologies and administrative process.