Cyber Crime

Afghanistan Cyber Emergency Response team is the first responder for  any cyber incident happening throughout Afghanistan , we are committed to provide safe - secure and resillent cyber space for Afghanistan .The fight against cyber crime is complicated by wide differences in the type of attack, the extent of damage caused, and the motives involved. These motives can vary from the pursuit of economic gain to mere curiosity or hooliganism. In recent years, the efforts of cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, as these have acquired substantial resources, improved their organisational structures and implemented a clear division of labour between disparate criminal networks. Attacks via the Internet have become systematic and may often be aimed at specific high-value yet vulnerable targets. Moreover, the state of malware for cyber crime has become increasingly more sophisticated and the activities of criminal groups that organise cyber attacks are continuously expanding in scope. Other forms of cyber crime include harassment, fraud, the distribution of illegal materials or the violation of intellectual property rights.